WWE Hall Of Famer Set For Special Role At Hell In A Cell

Mick Foley
Image via bleedingcool.com

Mick Foley returned to RAW last night to talk about the anniversary of his historic Hell In A Cell match with The Undertaker but his return turned into a promo between himself and Elias where he revealed that he was given a special role at this weekend’s Hell In A Cell event.

Foley is one of the biggest legends to step inside Satan’s Structure and this weekend he will be the special guest referee for Roman Reigns’ Universal Championship match against Braun Strowman.

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This match has become deeply personal over the past few weeks after Strowman aligned himself with Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler and the trio has been able to even out the numbers game that The Shield has thrived off throughout their careers.

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It was Reigns who had the final say on RAW last night when he was able to get the better of Strowman and put him through the announce table on RAW, but when he’s locked inside the steel structure on Sunday night, Mick Foley will be the only other man who can help Reigns to neutralize the threat of The Monster Among Men.

Foley is no stranger to being a controversial special guest referee since it was a referee spot that set up his famous match with Edge at WrestleMania 22.

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It is unknown as to whether or not this will be the set up to a storyline with Mick Foley in the coming months since the hardcore legend has been away from WWE TV for more than 18 months and even though it’s the anniversary of his historic Hell In A Cell match, it feels as though his presence in this match is leading to something bigger.