WWE Hall of Famer Was Scheduled to Return Before COVID-19 Pandemic

Paul Ellering led The Authors of Pain to the NXT Tag Team Championships before he decided to walk away following their promotion to the main roster back in 2018. The WWE Hall of Famer opted to leave given the hectic travel schedule of main roster talents.

AOP were then able to push forward without their manager and spent some time working alongside Drake Maverick before joining Seth Rollins when he became The Monday Night Messiah.

It was thought that Akam and Rezar’s association with Ellering was over following their promotion, but their former manager was the guest on this week’s “Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling” podcast where he revealed that there were plans for him to make his WWE return before the COVID-19 pandemic caused swift changes.

“The idea was to bring me back in, but then this Corona stuff came up. Then the guys got hurt and they were out a while, so everything got put on the back shelf and I don’t know where it sits now.”

Of course, there were other factors that obviously prevented Ellering’s return, since Rezar suffered a torn tricep back in March which has since written him off TV, while Akam was sidelined as well since the company decided not to use him as a solo star and instead wait until Rezar is fit enough to return so that the duo will only be seen as a team.

It is interesting to note that at the time of injury Akam and Rezar were aligned with Seth Rollins, but in order for Ellering to make his return, the plan must have been for AOP to break away from The Monday Night Messiah at some point.

Ellering also went on to talk about how much he enjoyed working with AOP in NXT:

“WWE asked if I would fly down to Orlando and talk about it.  After I met Rezar and Akam, the Authors of Pain, then I knew I wanted to do it because they are two terrific young men. The best of the best. I wanted to do it to help them. We had a good run for 2 years. It was fun. I really enjoyed being around all the young people there. I would fly down for TV and maybe an extra date to do interviews so I never had to be on the road.”