Could The WWE Be Heading To Fox?

There has been talk for a while now that when their current contract is up, the WWE may be looking for a move away from the USA Network. While the ratings may be down. WWE is still a huge money maker for whatever channel they are on so it goes without saying that they have a lot of people who would welcome the WWE to their network.

Well on Twitter, Sports Illustrated’s Richard Deitsch reported that sitting front and center at the Smackdown show in Los Angeles were a couple of Fox Sports bigwigs, Jacob Ullman who is a talent producer and Colin Cowherd. Cowherd actually posted a picture of himself with Natalya and Charlotte Flair so it is not exactly like this meeting was a secret.

Last year it was well publicized that Fox Sports would love to have the WWE as they were looking to replace the UFC with another kind of exciting live show. Of course, WWE (Stephanie McMahon to be exact) has come out and said that they are very happy with their current relationship with USA.

However, you have to wonder what the future may hold if WWE starts to appear on Fox Sports? Would it go back to being a two hour show? Would the change allow them to start airing reruns of RAW and Smackdown quicker on the WWE Network? There is a lot up in the air right now, but you would have to think that the deal Fox offers them to leave USA would have to be pretty incredible! Maybe they would be willing to air some XFL games to sweeten the deal?