WWE Held Brock Lesnar to a 20-Month Non-Compete Clause After His Exit in 2004

WWE let go of Brock Lesnar recently, but this wasn’t the first time that the company bid adieu to the Beast. Lesnar left the company in 2004, after his Wrestlemania match against Goldberg, to pursue greener pastures.

However, WWE was quite unwilling to let him go, according to Bruce Pritchard on Something to Wrestle With. He revealed that the company tied him down to a mammoth 20-month no-compete clause to prevent him from making an appearance on any other promotion.

Lesnar’s popularity was at its peak at that time, and WWE didn’t want any other company cashing in on it.

“Yeah, because again, we made the investment in training him initially and getting him to the popularity that he was at. Brock was unhappy, wanted to do other things. That’s fine, you can try other things. However, we had made the investment in him in the sports-entertainment category and wanted to protect that so, just strictly business.”

Lesnar eventually competed in UFC and made a huge name for himself in the MMA industry before heading back to WWE in a different avatar back in 2012.

After eight years filled with several championships, Lesnar’s contract expired after Wrestlemania. Lesnar’s last match in the company was on the second night of Wrestlemania, where he ended up losing the WWE title to Drew McIntyre.