WWE Hell in a Cell: Jey Uso Quits to Save His Brother

Roman Reigns walked into Hell in a Cell after clearly stating that he would go to whatever lengths he needed to in order to get Jey Uso to quit.

When numerous spears, and lashes with a strap, didn’t force Jey to quit, Reigns pulled out his Guillotine Choke and tried to force his cousin to say the words “I Quit.”

Jey Uso came close to forcing Reigns to quit when he choked him out with a strap, but the complexion of the match changed when Uso failed to quit and Reigns went into another gear.

Uso was knocked out cold after a number of drive-bys which rendered him unable to quit. Despite this, the Universal Champion refused to stop and looked to crush Jey with the steel steps before Jimmy Uso made the save.

This was after a number of referees and officials had already made their way to the ring to try to convince Reigns to walk away since Jey was out cold.

Jimmy Uso was the only man who was able to save his brother and looked as though he was getting through to Reigns when he preached that this was his cousin and he had gone too far.

Reigns cried as Jimmy pleaded with him before choking out Jimmy Uso and forcing him to wake his brother for help.

Jey Uso only quit because he needed to save his brother but earlier in the night, Paul Heyman made it clear that if Uso did quit then The Usos would become his henchman, and he at his beck and call when needed.

Following the match, Roman’s father and uncle Sika and Afa were on the ramp ready to welcome Reigns to the family and allow him to take his rightful place at the tip of the table.