WWE Hell in a Cell: Tucker Turns on Otis, The Miz Wins Money in The Bank Contract

After ‘Judge’ JBL declared that Otis had to defend his Money in the Bank contract at Hell in a Cell, the former Heavy Machinery member put his contract on the line earlier tonight.

Tucker joined Otis at ringside despite already being drafted over to Raw, and it appears that there was a reason why Tucker was there.

After John Morrison attempted to involve himself in the match, he was sent to the back, and Tucker was left seemingly to support his friend.

Tucker then picked up the Money in the Bank briefcase from the floor and hit Otis over the back of the head with it. This then led to The Miz pinning Otis and taking his contract.

After the match, Tucker stated that he had his reasons for turning on Otis and explained that it was because Otis took the spotlight and he became an afterthought.

Tucker said he was the man who was behind Otis’ push and his relationship with Mandy Rose but he had just been forgotten.

Otis then attacked his former partner and the two men brawled in the backstage area.

The Miz, on the other hand, made it clear that he was coming for the World Championship, and Drew McIntyre should watch his back later tonight.