WWE Planned to Use Former Impact Star James Storm as Enhancement Talent

WWE planned to bring in former Impact superstar James Storm into the company after WrestleMania this year, but COVID-19 forced them to drop these plans.

Storm himself revealed in an interview that he was all set to join the RAW brand after NWA released him earlier this year.

Ringside News reported that Storm’s arrival was set in motion, with Paul Heyman overseeing the character for the former Impact star. Apparently, it was set to be an enhancement talent character, as Paul Heyman was looking for credible stars to work in that role.

Storm has previously worked for NXT a few years ago but didn’t end up signing a contract and returned to Impact Wrestling instead.

The report added that Storm would eventually rise the ranks, but would be relegated to the glorified jobber role in the initial few months.

Storm is now a free agent and is looking for a contract from one of the top companies. WWE made great profits last quarter and could look to bring him in once again. However, with Paul Heyman out of the picture, Storm’s role could be completely different.