WWE In Saudi Arabia: Expansion Of Partnership, Next Show In February, Payment Made In Advance

Image via Twitter

Just a couple of days after the Crown Jewel nightmare, WWE and Saudi Arabia have officially announced their “expanded” partnership that runs through 2027 in support of the Saudi Vision 2030 campaign.

Per the official statement, The Kingdom will host a second annual large-scale WWE event over the next eight years.

Tony Maglio of The Wrap explained the “expanded partnership”, stating that Super ShowDown and Greatest Royal Rumble events are “placeholders”.

On Oh You Didn’t Know Patreon, Brad Shepard reported that WWE has been giving Saudi Arabia two shows yearly despite agreeing to only one annual event. The latest announcement simply makes the second event official, that’s all.

“I’m told they were only contractually obligated to do a minimum of one per year, so this was just making the two shows they already do official.“

Shepard further noted that WWE will return to The Kingdom in February 2020.

“There are already plans to return to Saudi Arabia in February – no hard date is planned yet. The situation remains a point of contention for many, so it will be interesting to see who volunteers to make the trip in just several months.”

As previously reported, Vince McMahon hadn’t received the full payment for the show which caused him to delay the Crown Jewel broadcast by 40 minutes. Saudi Arabia retaliated; after the event, the talents were detained in their hotels until Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman had made up his mind.

However, Shepard reports that Saudi has cleared all pending cheques while also paying for next year’s shows in advance.

“The money owed from previous events was paid and both events scheduled for 2020 were paid in advance today.”

It’s safe to assume that all’s well between WWE and KSA – while both sides have seemingly overcome the “misunderstanding”, it’s unclear whether Superstars are ready to look past all this drama with a diplomatic mindset.