WWE In Saudi Arabia: Jerry Lawler Details Talent Meeting On RAW After Crown Jewel

Image via WWE

Hall of Famer and current member of the RAW commentary team Jerry “The King” Lawler recently spoke on his podcast, The Jerry Lawler Show, about the incidents after the Crown Jewel pay-per-view.

Lawler did not go to Saudi Arabia, so he was not an eyewitness to the problem with the flights, he was, however, part of the meeting between the talent and Vince McMahon before last week’s episode of RAW.

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During the talent meeting, McMahon explained a bit more about what happened, saying that there were genuinely a lot of travel issues.

According to McMahon, the first problem occurred with the tug that was meant to get the plane away from the gate. After that, there was a problem with the manifest and the weight of the plane. Then there needed to be more fuel put into the tanks, at which point there was a problem detected with some equipment that controlled the flow of fuel from one engine to another.

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According to what Lawler said, it seems that this was what really caused the delay as there had been nowhere to get the needed equipment in Saudi and they had to wait for a part to fly in on a six-hour flight to Germany. This entire time, talent were kept sitting on the plane.

“Can you imagine, 175 people getting off this plane and being bused to hotels in the middle of the night? After they arrived [to the hotel], here’s 175 people showing up at a hotel that wasn’t expecting them. “Everybody’s trying to get checked in, it was just a nightmare,” said Lawler.

At the end of the meeting, McMahon allegedly told the talent that the “conspiracy theories were wrong.

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“He said that as a matter of fact, our relationship with the Saudi government and the Prince is at an all-time high,” recalled Lawler.

According to Lawler, everybody now understands what happened and that any issues will be fixed going forward. For one, McMahon said they wouldn’t be using the charter company Atlas Air in the future.