WWE Injury Update: Arturo Ruas Undergoes Successful Surgery

WWE NXT superstar Arturo Ruas took to social media to provide an update on his injury status.

Ruas reportedly suffered an arm injury during a match against Kushida on the November 18 edition of NXT.

Ruas Tweeted a photo of himself shirtless, with bandages on his left shoulder and upper arm.

“The surgery was successful,” reads the Tweet’s caption. “Now it’s time to heal and comeback stronger.

“For a warrior there will only be victory with a good fight and glory with honor,” wrote Ruas.

No word on when Ruas will be able to return to the ring or which brand he will be returning to.

As we said, his last match was on NXT. However, Ruas is supposed to be a Raw talent. He had been a regular part of the now-defunct Raw Underground segments and was the final pick of the Red brand during the October draft.

Ruas, real name Adrian Jaoude, is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner and amateur wrestler. He signed with WWE in 2015 and began wrestling on NXT before debuting on Raw Underground on the August 10 episode of Raw. He is currently still listed as being on the red brand on the WWE website.