WWE Introduces Yet Another Expensive Merchandise On Their Store

Image via WWE

A few weeks ago, WWE introduced a way-too expensive limited-edition Universal Championship belt, designed by famous horror artist Tom Savini. The title, which is currently used by the Fiend, was priced at 6500 dollars, excluding taxes and delivery costs, which made it the highest-priced merch on WWE shop.

According to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, this was an experiment by WWE to test waters for future listings, and it seems like the move has worked for the company. The company has now listed new merchandise on their website, which costs a staggering five grand.

“If they believe that nobody’s willing to spend it they would not have priced it this high. This was definitely an experiment and if it sells well then there will be more things like that priced in a similar range and if it doesn’t sell well, then that will be a lesson as well. Crazy though.”

WWE has now rolled out the official WWE Championship belt, which will be available for the fans in this Christmas season. WWE has apparently reached its target with the Fiend custom-made belt and is now offering the original title which is used by wrestlers on television.

“Our Official TV Authentic title belts feature 383 princess cut hand-set Cubic Zirconia, totaling 635 carats. Each stone is carefully placed onto high-quality aluminum plates with a 14k gold plating.   Weighing in at 7.5 lbs, you’ll feel like a true Champion with this amazing piece of craftsmanship.”

WWE already has replica titles in their shop, but this title is the one that they officially use as the championship. Brock Lesnar currently has one of these in his home, and WWE is offering the fans a chance to put on the same belt that Lesnar has around his waist.

The Fiend belt was custom-made by one of the greatest horror movie artists, which could have drawn more eyes to the product. This title is easily available at cheaper rates, and it will be interesting to see if it finds any takers.