WWE Introducing SmackDown Women’s Tag Team Championship Soon?

Belt Fan Dan who had previously broken several details regarding the WWE Championships, took to Twitter that WWE plans to take the Women’s Revolution in the company a step further by debuting the new Women’s Tag Team Championship Titles around SummerSlam, 2018. It is expected that the company will introduce the Women’s Tag Team Titles for both Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live.

The individual also shared a few spoilers on Reddit:

“As I reported here in August, NXT is introducing a mid-card title. When it was pitched in the creative meeting it was supposed to be themed after Dusty being TV champion. Vince hates the idea of a Television title, so it was changed to “North American”.

The NXT North American Championship is already finished and in WWE’s hands. The belt apparently has a “classical” look. I am trying to get more details.

Also, the long rumored WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships are in the works for a debut around SummerSlam.”