WWE Kills Rumor Of War Games II

Last year, NXT put on one hell of a show with their War Games Take Over event. It was a lot of fun and many fans got a kick out of seeing this match brought back. It featured Undisputed Era going against, Sanity and the Authors Of Pain who joined forces with Roderick Strong. It was a fantastic match!

So much so that many felt it would become an annual tradition. Well as much fun as the event was, ticket sales were not exactly on fire. However, that did not stop a leak earlier this week that War Games II would be held during Survivor Series weekend this November.

F4WOnline.com have come out and said that this announcement (which was originally made by AXS) has been proven to be an error by the WWE. There is certainly an NXT Take Over Event scheduled to take place during this weekend, but there are currently no plans for it to feature War Games.