WWE King Of The Ring 2019 Bracket Revealed, Kevin Owens & Drew McIntyre Favorites

The Prizefighter is most likely to win the historic tournament this year

Image via WWE

The WWE King Of The Ring tournament is set for a grand return this August as 16 Superstars, 8 from RAW and SmackDown each, will go head to head for the prestigious career-defining title.

The brackets were just announced and early betting odds have already revealed the favorites for the returning tournament.

Image via WWE

Per Sky Bet, Drew McIntyre and Kevin Owens are the top favorites to win King Of The Ring 2019.

Baron Corbin comes in at #3 and this has shocked the WWE Universe to a great extent.

It was earlier reported that the historic tournament is making a comeback for this year only with the sole purpose of getting the winner hugely over with the WWE Universe.

At this point, McIntyre and Owens are legitimately the two Superstars who deserve to be crowned King Of The Ring.

For over a year, The Scottish Psychopath has built enough momentum to rightfully deserve this spot and given he’s being groomed for a bigger role in the company, it shouldn’t come off as a surprise if WWE decides to declare him as the ultimate victor at the tournament finale next month at Clash Of Champions.

On the other hand, top babyface KO is now donning the epic “Stone Cold” gimmick and him winning the signature tournament would be the perfect way to further get him over as the modern day Rattlesnake. Steve Austin’s victory at King Of The Ring 1996 had not only shaped his career, but the prestigious title had also cemented his legacy as one of the best trash talkers of all time, thanks to the famous Austin 3:16 promo that’s still hot up until this very day.

Last but not the least, Corbin’s stand as the third favorite perfectly makes sense. Vince McMahon is pretty high on the Lone Wolf and crowning him “King” would be the ideal way to revive his career as a promising main eventer.