WWE Legend Dynamite Kid Passes Away On His 60th Birthday

Dynamite Kid
Image via Cagesideseats.com

Dynamite Kid only wrestled in WWE for a handful of years but he was able to inspire a number of current and former WWE stars to lace up their boots for the first time. The British star jelled well with The British Bulldog and the duo became an interesting tag team together for a number of years.

He retired from the ring back in 1996, after leaving WWE a few years earlier and was later confined to a wheelchair after struggling with a number of back and injuries that stemmed from his hard-hitting professional wrestling career.

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Kid was part of a generation that captivated the wrestling world and included the likes of Bret Hart and The British Bulldog.

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His technical ability in the ring has been the focus of many aspiring wrestlers over the past few decades and he continues to live on through the five-star matches that he put together in an era when wrestling was a hard-hitting spot full of some of the biggest men.

Kid has been struggling in his later life and suffered a stroke back in 2013 which left him confined to a wheelchair and reliant on his wife for constant support.

Given the fact that his career was the reason why he was in a wheelchair to begin with, Kid joined a lawsuit against WWE back in 2015 that looked at concussions that many stars suffered when they were contracted to the company.

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Today was The British Bulldog’s 60th Birthday and even though there are no details surrounding the reasons for his passing at present, everyone at WrestlingWorld would like to pass on their condolences to the entire family of the legend at this sad time.

A rare video footage of the Dynamite kid’s back injury that was pretty much the beginning of the end of the Dynamite Kid’s career.