WWE Legend Kane Scheduled To Be Part Of Upcoming Live Event

Image via Youtube.com

Kane was last seen on WWE TV when he was part of Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. The Big Red Machine was on the losing end of a tag team match where he teamed with The Undertaker against Triple H and Shawn Michaels, but it was reported that the WWE legend only returned to the ring at Crown Jewel because the company offered to donate $100,000 donation to The Knoxville Public Safety Foundation.

This money hasn’t yet been handed over to Kane, which is why he is now scheduled to be in attendance for WWE’s upcoming live event in Knoxville, Tennessee so that he can collect the cheque.

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Kane has been working as the mayor of Knox County in Tennessee over the past few months and made it clear that he was unable to return to WWE for a lengthy storyline since he was given the post, but he would be open to returning for one-off matches if needed.

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The donation to the Foundation was made to the City of Tennessee by WWE because the City allowed them to use their Mayor for the match in Saudi Arabia, which is why Kane followed through on the match in the end, despite obviously having a busy few months.

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Kane and The Undertaker seemingly walked away from WWE following their loss at Crown Jewel and none of the four men in that main event match have been seen on WWE TV since.

Whilst The Undertaker is expected to be part of WrestleMania 35, Kane’s political role makes his return much harder to predict, which is why it’s huge news that The Big Red Machine is part of a live event since he hasn’t been part of a non-televised WWE event in a long time.