WWE Legend Tatanka Says He Was Undefeated for Almost 1000 Matches

When it comes to undefeated streaks in wrestling, two are often brought up first: The Undertaker’s WrestleMania streak and Goldberg’s undefeated 174 matches run in WCW. Both ended in controversial fashion.

Recently, Tatanka spoke with Boston Wrestling MWF and talked about Goldberg’s undefeated streak in WCW. The wrestler said that he won almost 1000 matches at one point in his career.

“We literally wrestled about 500 times a year, not including if you were being used on TV by Vince McMahon,” Tatanka said. “You would wrestle at least twice [per day]. Everyone always talks about Tatanka, the undefeated streak, the two-year undefeated streak. Goldberg, 173 and 0, when we finally figure it out and we start talking to everybody, actually I’d probably be close to 1,000 and 0 because I went two years undefeated.”

Tatanka was undefeated for over a year between July 1992 and September 1993, thanks to Ludvig Borga who distracted the referee and then attacked the star.