WWE Reportedly Locking Down Talent Against Upcoming “All Elite Wrestling” Promotion

2018 has proved to be a very interesting year for the pro-wrestling business and 2019 isn’t going to be an exception as there’s a new player in town.

A rumored upcoming promotion “All Elite Wrestling” headed by Tony Khan, son of Jacksonville Jaguars’ billionaire owner, Shahid Khan, has taken the professional wrestling business by storm as notable icons namely Chris Jericho, Jim Ross, Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks, Marty Scurll and Adam “Hangman” Page are set to be part of the new promotion. The company recently filed several trademarks seemingly causing WWE’s top executives to lose their minds.

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As noted by Bryan Alvarez on Wrestling Observer Live, WWE is heavily locking down on its current talent pool to prevent the new hot promotion from rattling its nest.

“You know that this information about the trademarks coming out that came out yesterday, you know that now that anybody that WWE was maybe considering letting go — They’re not gonna let anybody go. They’re not gonna let anybody become a free agent. They’re gonna lock everybody down. They’ve got the money to do it.”

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“You’ve got a bunch of people under contract for New Japan, you’ve got people under contract for Impact, you’ve got people under contract for MLW. Where’s a talent going to come from for this promotion? It is a long uphill road to anything happening here. And again, I don’t want to say it’s impossible, but everybody needs to calm down.”

Although JR and Y2J haven’t yet admitted their involvement in the rumored AEW, it appears that Vince McMahon is eyeing the developing story as a reality and taking necessary precautions at the earliest.

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Given the net worth of Shahid Khan ($7.4 billion) and his assets in the sports industry, it’s no secret that he can give WWE a run for its money just by using his own wealth and network to bring in top talent. Tony can use his dad’s vast fortune to sign top Superstars and drive Vince McMahon ($3.5 billion) out of business, once and for all.