WWE Looking To Bring Back Tough Enough?

Tough Enough
Image via Stillrealtous.com

WWE Tough Enough was once seen as one of the hardest ways to secure a WWE contract, but when it was brought back to WWE in 2015 as a Network exclusive show, there were a number of changes made.

Fans from all over the world were able to send in their videotapes to be viewed by WWE officials, who would then decide if they were Tough Enough. Even though the two winners from the competition Josh and Sara Lee have since been released from WWE, there are still a number of stars with the company right now who came through the 2015 Tough Enough show and were signed based on their skills.

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Mandy Rose, Sonya Deville and even Velveteen Dream were all part of the show three years ago alongside Chelsea Green, who has only recently been handed a WWE contract.

PWinsider is now reporting that WWE has filed a new trademark for the term “Tough Enough” which means that it’s likely that they are looking to bring back the show in one form or another.

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WWE is always looking out for the most creative and cost-effective shows that they can create for The WWE Network and it appears that this was one that had a dose of drama and reality and three years ago it was able to bring in some good ratings.

WWE is yet to make any kind of announcement when it comes to bringing back the show, but if they are looking to make 2019 the next tournament then filing a trademark would be the first step, before they then made a decision to open their emails and allow fans to send in their impressive videotapes for consideration.