WWE Looking To Hire More Talent From India


WWE is slated to hold tryouts in India this March and according to WWE Director for Talent Development Canyon Ceman, they are looking to hire 5-7 more new Indian talent this year.

According to Ceman, this year is a really important one for WWE’s long-term plans for India. The tryouts are in line with that and so is their determination to build up existing Indian talent even more.

“We have four talent in the pipelines who are progressing well but we want to get more depth because we want our Indian talent pipeline to be the most robust of any of our international markets. We want to serve this passionate fan base with localized content,” said Ceman during an interview with Times Now News.

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According to Ceman, they are targeting 70 athletes for the tryouts in March.

“From those 70 we could hire 2-5. Those will be the most deserving of a WWE Performance Center opportunity and a main-roster material. But we could also hire a larger number like 10-15 for our long-term plans. They could go the UK Performance Center and even an India Performance center. That’s not an announcement but definitely a long-term plan,” said Ceman.

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Currently, the WWE has three members of the main roster who are of Indian descent, Jinder Mahal and the Singh Brothers, but all three were born in Canada.

They also have around four Indian talents in development, Saurav Gurjar, Rinku Singh, Jeet Rama and Kavita Devi, the first Indian woman in the WWE.