WWE Looking To Turn The Miz Babyface?

The Miz
Image via Yahoosports.com

Daniel Bryan has become the biggest heel on SmackDown Live in recent weeks after he turned on AJ Styles a few weeks ago and was able to win the WWE Championship. Bryan then went on to battle Brock Lesnar at Survivor Series where he took the fight to The Beast like never before but still lost the match.

The Miz has been Daniel Bryan’s biggest enemy throughout his career and since both men are on the same brand right now it makes sense for Miz to turn face now that Bryan is a heel. At Survivor Series, Miz was taken out of the final of The Best In The World Tournament and this was reportedly the beginning of a character change for the former World Champion.

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According to Cagesideseats’ daily rumor round-up, The Miz competed in a dark match against Daniel Bryan on Tuesday night and then cut a promo thanking the fans for their support throughout the night, which is traditionally the promo that is cut by the babyface.

This has fuelled speculation that The Miz could be turned face and then pushed up to Daniel Bryan’s level once again.

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The Miz has been one of SmackDown Live’s best performers over the past year and his success both inside and outside of the ring is mainly down to the fact that Miz works hard on a regular basis.

After so long Miz has been seen as a heel, it will be hard for the WWE Universe to accept him as a good guy, but since Daniel Bryan’s heel turn was such a huge shock a few weeks ago, it appears that WWE is just looking to bring someone in to combat Bryan heading into the new year since Styles’ contract status is currently up in the air.