WWE Made Changes To SmackDown This Week, FOX Looking To Cut Down On Commercials

The move to FOX for SmackDown has become a major talking point in the wrestling community and the viewers couldn’t help but notice major changes to how SmackDown was presented this week.

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SmackDown Live featured different camera angles along with a lower frame rate during the show. Sporting events are usually broadcasted at higher frame rates, but WWE tried to lower the rate for a more ‘cinematic’ experience.

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SmackDown also featured fresh new graphics for the upcoming show, along with a new theme song. The updated logo for SmackDown is a throwback to the Attitude Era, and the name would officially change from SmackDown Live to Friday Night SmackDown.

It was reported several weeks ago that WWE is looking to bring in different camera angles and cinematic experience on FOX, and last night’s episode could be a way to test out things before the huge debut next Friday.

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Similar to SmackDown, RAW will also feature fresh new graphics and theme song for the season premiere on Monday. WWE is going all out (no pun intended) for the shows next week, and it doesn’t come as a surprise because AEW will be making their debut on Wednesday on TNT.

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Another major change that will take place on FOX will be the deduction of commercial time by 10-20%, as reported by AdAge. WWE is often bashed for having too many advertisements and that could change on FOX programming.

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FOX will also stop the use of double-box commercial format, which is used on NFL and MLB shows on the channel, on SmackDown Live. SmackDown on USA Networks used this format during ad-breaks.

The decrease in commercial time is reportedly aimed at younger audiences, who are not a big fan of traditional advertising due to the advent of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc.