WWE May Allow Matt Riddle To Fight In The UFC If Opportunity Arises

The Original Bro fought in UFC from 2008-2013

Image via WWE

Matt Riddle is one of the most popular names in WWE NXT. His in-ring performance, original style, and habit of occasionally trolling legends have allowed him to emerge as one of the top Superstars on the yellow-and-black brand.

UFC fired Riddle in 2013 and the King Of Bros didn’t have nice things to say about Dana White due to the reason behind his firing. Although Riddle is currently having a great time as a pro wrestler, the desire to get back into the Octagon could kick in any time. WWE is aware of that and is preparing themselves for that day.

During NXT TakeOver: XXV media call, Paul “Triple H” Levesque addressed the matter – WWE would be open to letting The King Of Bros fight in the UFC again.

“We’d talk to Matt about it and see what the opportunity was. Is it something we would like to do? Is it something he would like to do? There’s no set in stone template in how you deal with this stuff. We have talent within the system that get offers to do a lot of things. Even internationally, we have talent from India, but he’s like a television and movie star in India, but his dream to be a wrestler. Every now and then he goes home and stars in a movie and stays in shape, continues to do everything he can do while he’s there and comes back and gets his training.”

Fans are eagerly waiting for Riddle’s main roster debut but WWE might hand him a title reign in NXT before pushing him up on RAW or SmackDown.

“If the opportunity is there, and it’s the right thing, we talk to them about it.”

It doesn’t seem like Riddle will be making a UFC return any time soon, or let’s say, ever again. His focus is currently on Brock Lesnar, The Beast whom he wants to retire from pro wrestling at WrestleMania.