WWE May Not Be Returning To Saudi Arabia In 2020

WWE’s decade-long deal with Saudi General Sports Authority has seen them produce four cash-rich pay-per-views to date. While the majority of these events turned out to be major failures when it came to the quality of matches, The Kingdom didn’t shy away from spending an even bigger bank for their next shows while agreeing upon an expansion deal with WWE.

The COVID-19 pandemic has messed up WWE’s existing plans for this year. The latest Saudi Arabia PPV took place in February and WWE was to reportedly return to The Kingdom in The Fall. However, it appears that The Middle East will have to remain satisfied with only one wrestling event this year – the Crown Jewel event that took place on the Road To WrestleMania.

During the first quarter 2020 financial call, Vince McMahon revealed that WWE may not be able to organize the second Saudi Arabian PPV this year. The coronavirus has claimed several events and leagues, and the cash-rich bi-annual WrestleMania-sized Middle Eastern show may not be an exception.

“As far as Saudi is concerned they would love to have another huge WrestleMania sized event. We usually have two in Saudi. They’re under the same constraints that everyone else is with the pandemic. They’re not sure if they can have it in November or December.”

However, the good news is WWE isn’t losing any money on the 10-year deal as the missed date will be moved to the end of the contract.

“The good part is that if we don’t perform we’ll just tack it onto the other end of the contract.”

WWE is currently working on the media rights for its television deal in The Middle East. Only time will tell whether it’s possible for Vince McMahon & Co. to return to Saudi Arabia later this year.