WWE Might Have Hinted On Future Plans For Bryan-Miz Feud

Image via Cultaholic.com

Daniel Bryan and The Miz’s eight-year-long rivalry came to a head last night when the two men collided at SummerSlam in what was one of the stand out matches of the night. Interestingly, it was The Miz who came out on top with his wife Maryse cheering him on at ringside.

Maryse hasn’t been seen on WWE TV as an active star since she left on maternity leave, but Monroe Sky was born back in April and given the success that Miz and Mrs has been having, WWE will definitely want to cash in on a chance to promote both stars.

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Even though Maryse remained with her daughter in the crowd last night, Bryan headed backstage after the match and his wife Brie Bella noted her disdain not just at The Miz but at Maryse since she blamed both stars for ruining her husband’s huge comeback.

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The Wrestling Observer recently reported that a mixed tag match could be what WWE is planning for these four stars moving forward, but it was noted that this perhaps isn’t the best idea.

Brie Bella retired from the ring at WrestleMania 32, the night before Maryse made her return to the company, which is why the two women haven’t crossed paths in WWE over the past few years.

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This also wouldn’t be the first time that Brie has stepped up for her husband since she fought Stephanie¬†McMahon at SummerSlam back in 2014 because Bryan wasn’t medically cleared to compete.

Maryse is a former three-time Divas Champion and with Evolution on the horizon, it’s entirely feasible that WWE could be planning on letting her return to the ring in a match with Brie Bella, whilst the on-going storyline on WWE TV could center around a mixed match narrative which would allow Bella to make her return to the ring ahead of the first ever all-women’s pay-per-view.