WWE Might Offer Superstars Employee Benefits As Major Public Relations Move

WWE has a lot of money flowing into the company in the next several years along with the two television deals worth $1 billion each. Although it is a well-known fact as to how WWE Superstars have to pay for their own travel expenses and health insurance at this point, it appears that the biggest wrestling promotion in the world is in a position to change that fact entirely.

Recently, Dave Meltzer opened up on Wrestling Observer Radio on the possibility of WWE offering health insurance as a public relations move.

“They certainly can afford it and I can’t see any reason not to, but it doesn’t mean they’ll do it,”

“When everybody was asking me before about you know, ‘do you think they’ll pay the women [for the Greatest Royal Rumble] this was before Jerry Lawler said anything I thought: ‘yeah it probably makes sense on a PR standpoint to do it.’ Then everybody said they were going to do it except they weren’t and they haven’t.”

Meltzer concluded, “It’s mindboggling now that they don’t — not so much like health insurance and employee benefits and things like that but road expenses of guys on the road.”