WWE Moves Current Star’s Profile Over To Alumni Section, Tyler Breeze Wants To Go Back To NXT


Rhyno Could Have Made His Final WWE Appearance

Rhyno stated a few weeks ago that he was probably going to have to move to another company if he wanted to continue to wrestle after his contract with WWE comes to an end this summer.

The WWE Legend hasn’t been used on WWE TV as much as he should have since his storyline with Heath Slater where the two stars became the first ever SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Rhyno hasn’t been utilized on WWE TV since he was “fired” by Baron Corbin and returned to WWE on Christmas Day last year. It appears that the former Champion could now be gone from WWE after the company moved his profile over to the alumni section of WWE’s official website.

His contract with WWE doesn’t end until the summer and recently Rhyno was part of Live Events, but this definitely isn’t a good sign for his future with WWE.

Tyler Breeze Looking To Head Back To NXT

Tyler Breeze hasn’t had a fantastic run on the main roster over the past few years and while Fandango has been out of action, Prince Pretty has been waiting patiently on the sidelines.

Breeze has hinted a number of times that he would be happy to head back to NXT but WWE won’t allow it, but he recently decided to take to Social Media to inform the WWE Universe that he wants the North American Championship.

Velveteen Dream currently holds the title and has had a number of interesting stars step up and look to dethrone him, but a trip back to NXT to challenge Dream could be exactly what he needs right now.

Fandango is reportedly fit to return right now, so hopefully, both Tyler Breeze and Fandango are able to push themselves into a much better position on the roster following The Superstar Shake-up.