WWE Network’s Brand New Interface Is The Countermove To AEW’s TNT Announcement

The WWE vs AEW war is slowly heating up with moves and countermoves

Image via givemesport.com

AEW officially announced yesterday that their weekly TV show will begin airing on TNT on Wednesday, October 2, 2019. The name of the brand new show is yet to be revealed but their recent filing for the “Wednesday Night Dynamite” trademark may have spilled the beans already!

Just hours after AEW’s big announcement, WWE came up with a screamer of their own – in other words, a smart countermove.

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The billion-dollar wrestling promotion announced that it’s rolling out a revamped version of the WWE Network with an advanced user interface while putting special emphasis on the fact that the WWE Universe is now in control of every moment (go figure!).

Here’s the official press release sent out by WWE Network:

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We are pleased to inform you that WWE Network is being updated this week with a new design, a simpler navigation and smarter search tools. In addition, please be aware of the following:

1) You will need to log in with your email address and password the first time you use the updated WWE Network on each streaming device. 
2) You will NOT need to set up a new account. You should use your existing WWE Network email address and password.
3) The update will occur on different devices at different times during the week.

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AEW’s weekly TNT show debuts just two days before SmackDown officially moves to FOX (October 4). While their blockbuster TNT announcement was made to counter The Blue Show’s move, little did AEW know that WWE would fire back with a counter of their own.

It’s been reported multiple times that WWE will counter every AEW move, big or small. Vince McMahon is very cunning when it comes to business and he will leave no loose ends to ensure that WWE triumphs over the upstart promotion.

Only time will reveal which company has the final laugh in the WWE vs AEW war. The battle lines have been drawn and both sides are eagerly waiting to draw first blood.