WWE’s New Rule Going Downhill Already?, Update on SummerSlam 2020

WWE is not exactly known to stick to their rules, as several major decisions keep changing all the time. One of the prime examples of this was the infamous Wild Card Rule from last year, or the champions don’t get a rematch rule brought by Triple H.

WWE has brought out a new rule in the midst of the pandemic, the Brand-to-Brand invitational, which allows wrestlers from each brand to appear on the other brand four times in a calendar year.

King Corbin was the first to benefit from this new rule, as he appeared on RAW, in a losing effort against WWE Champion Drew McIntyre. This new rule reeks of the Wild Card Rule and is a ploy by WWE to fix the leaking ratings on both the shows.

This rule was discussed on the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and said that WWE might have booked themselves into a corner with this new rule. The next superstar to take advantage of this rule is AJ Styles, who will be competing in the IC title tournament.

It is believed that AJ Styles is a strong contender for the title, which will require him to wrestle on more than four episodes.

“Not sure what that means since Styles is in the IC title tournament. It makes no sense because if he was to win the tournament, as soon as he uses up his four appearances he’s theoretically only allowed to be on Raw”

It remains to be seen if WWE actually follows up with this rule, or ends up making a mess similar to how the Wild Card Rule went down.

Elsewhere, WWE SummerSlam is in jeopardy, as the Boston governor has declared no events until September. Vince McMahon is reportedly adamant on having a show with a live audience in the Summer, but it doesn’t seem like those plans are going to happen.

“There will be no fans in Fenway Park in July; there will be no fans in Fenway Park in August–we won’t even be near a situation where there’s herd immunity and there certainly won’t be a vaccine”

WWE may be forced to move the PPV to the Performance Center or some other state where restrictions are lifted.