WWE Nixes Raw Underground Dancers Following Backlash on Social Media

Raw Underground made its debut last week and stole a number of headlines as the company looked to improve on their ratings by introducing something new.

One thing that stood out about the show’s debut was that there were female dancers in the background of many shots, something that was picked up by fans online, and in particular, it was called out by AEW’s Alundra Blayze.

The former Women’s Champion made it clear that sexualizing women as part of the new show was a step backward for the Women’s Evolution since this is what made of the women in WWE have been fighting against over the past few years.

Blayze is a WWE Hall of Famer and has been pushing the Women’s Revolution forward for a number of years herself.

WWE didn’t publicly respond to the comments, but last night on Raw Underground the only females that were present on camera were part of Shayna Baszler’s debut and were destroyed in a matter of seconds.

While the WWE Universe hasn’t noticed much of a difference without the dancers, current star Liv Morgan commented on the fact that she missed the dancers and asked the company to bring them back next week.