WWE NXT: Candice LeRae Destroys Shotzi Blackheart’s Tank

This week on NXT, Shotzi Blackheart was granted her wish of facing Toni Storm in the WWE ring. While the green-haired Superstar lost the match, she also lost something she loved the most.

Blackheart made her way to the ring without her tank and blamed Storm for stealing her beloved possession.

The accusation didn’t sit well with the Kiwi Superstar who took the early lead in their singles contest. However, Blackheart’s favored style neutralized Storm every time she seemed to get the upper hand.

In the final moments, Candice LeRae appeared on the titantron to reveal that she had stolen Blackheart’s tank. The distraction allowed Storm to pick up a pinfall victory over her opponent.

Following the match, The Poison Pixie got into a Hummer and ran over Blackheart’s tank, noting that the destruction of the vehicle was an act of sweet revenge on Blackheart who took the NXT Championship away from her.

An inconsolable Shotzi then rushed to the parking lot but the damage had already been done.