WWE NXT: El Hijo del Fantasma Turns Heel, Reveals New Faction

WWE NXT Cruiserweight Champion El Hijo de Fantasma, who defeated fan favorite Drake Maverick in the tournament finals last week to capture the interim title, turned heel in eventful fashion this week.

For weeks, Fantasma was being chased by two masked men, who had previously abducted Raul Mendonza and Joaquin Wilde. The two masked men appeared this week as Drake Maverick and Fantasma shook hands in the ring.

Maverick and Fantasma readied to fight the masked duo, before Fantasma attacked Maverick, turning heel. The masked men revealed themselves to be Wilde and Mendonza, while Fantasma unmasked and unveiled his new character, Santos Escobar.

It was reported months ago that Fantasma was supposed to be the leader of the group which was abducting superstars. It is unclear whether the group will be having more stars in the coming weeks. This seems like WWE’s response to AEW’s Dark Order.

It was also reported that WWE has tried to replicate a Mexican terrorist group that was active in the 70s, Symbionese Liberation Army. They famously abducted heiress, Patty Hearst.

The segment ended with Escobar hitting the Phantom Driver on Maverick, while Wilde and Mendonza delivered simultaneous splashes from the top rope.

Escobar posted a tweet after the show in which he seems to be mimicking The Exalted One from AEW.