WWE NXT: Killian Dain Defeats Pete Dunne, Shayna Baszler vs Xia Li In a Non-Title Match

Image via WWE

Killian Dain Defeats Pete Dunne

Killian Dain was the first man to step foot in the ring on the latest edition of WWE NXT from Full Sail. He issued an open challenge, noting how Damian Priest isn’t man enough to fight him. Nigel McGuiness mentioned Punisher’s injured ribs. Pete Dunne answered the challenge.

Dunne went all out on Dain upon entering the ring and gained the upper hand right away. Both men traded heavy blows as fans witnessed a constant shift in momentum.

During the commercial, Dain hurt Dunne’s knee and scored a nearfall. The brawl flowed to the ringside where Dunne got hurt badly causing the referee to check on him.

Back in the ring, both men traded a couple of shots with Dain getting a two-count. The Beast of Belfast climbed the second rope and The Bruiserweight followed. Dunne locked his opponent in a sleeper hold – refusing to stay down, Dain slammed the former NXT UK Champ on the mat from the second rope and stayed on top of him to score the pinfall.

Shayna Baszler vs. Xia Li In a Non-Title Match

NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler took on underdog Xia Li in a non-title match only to find out that the Chinese star isn’t one to be underestimated at any cost.

The match began with quick shots and counters as Li focused on keeping her opponent down. Frankly, things didn’t go in her favor as Baszler quickly managed to tame Li and kept working on her arm.

Li had barely started gaining momentum just when Baszler used her brute strength to turn the tide. Refusing to back down, the underdog star kept on fighting.

The finish came when Baszler dodged Li’s tornado kick and locked her in the Kirifuda Clutch to score the victory via submission.