WWE Officially Announces Interesting Undertaker Appearance

The Undertaker has been making WWE appearances over the past few weeks as the build-up to his match with Triple H at Super Show-Down is now set to reach its climax on Monday night, but WWE is already thinking ahead.

According to WrestlingInc, The Undertaker is now being advertised to make a rare signing appearance on Saturday, November 17 at the Frank & Sons Collectibles Show in Los Angeles. This is not only the day before Survivor Series, but it is also the same city that WWE is set to host its last big pay-per-view of the year.

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Survivor Series is the pay-per-view where The Deadman made his debut 28 years ago and even though he wasn’t part of last year’s show, it has always been a pay-per-view that he has thrived to be part of.

Rumors suggest that Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker could go one-on-one as part of the show, but this is a match that may not be made official until after their rumored match in Saudi Arabia on November 2nd.

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It looks to be a busy month for The Deadman, who turned 53 earlier this year, but as of writing the only match that the former World Champion has been officially scheduled for is against Triple H next weekend in Australia (Oct 6) where Kane will be in his corner.

Undertaker doesn’t usually make signing appearances since he has become well-known for being able to retain an air of mystery about his character over the past three decades.

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Taker was backstage at Raw this past week and even though Triple H made an appearance, The Deadman wasn’t used.

This could be the same kind of situation but it’s hard to imagine that WWE would invite The Undertaker to the location of Survivor Series and then not book him on the show.