WWE Officials Contact AJ Lee For An Appearance At WWE Evolution

AJ Lee is widely considered to be one of the main catalysts for the entire Women’s Revolution, but following her decision to retire from the wrestling business back in 2015, Lee hasn’t made any contact with the WWE and has moved on to a number of other projects outside of the wrestling circuit.

WWE put a poll up on their website a few weeks ago, after it was announced that the women would be given their first all-women’s pay-per-view in October and asked the WWE Universe who they would like to see return.

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Lee was obviously voted as the number one star that fans would want to see make a return, so PWMania are reporting that WWE officials have since reached out to the former Divas Champion and asked her if she will make a return to be part of the history-making Evolution event.

It is unknown as to whether or not Lee has responded to WWE officials, but the fact that the company has reached out to the former star means that they are open to bringing back some of the best faces of the Women’s Division in order for the event to be truly accepted by the WWE Universe.

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Lee has been part of a number of projects surrounding mental health over the past few years since her autobiography which was entitled Crazy Is My Superpower, was something that helped raise awareness to the struggles that many people face with Bipolar.

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Her book has since been picked up as a TV series and Lee has been busy as part of this new venture so many fans believe that it’s unlikely that she will make an appearance in New York in October.

It’s also noted that Lee is injured after she complained that she suffered cervical spine damage whilst working in WWE so if she is open to an appearance then it won’t be as part of a match.