WWE Officials Reportedly Furious After WWE Thunderdome is Used to Present Pictures of KKK and Chris Benoit

WWE’s ThunderDome has been seen as a success over the past few days since the company has been able to iron out many of their issues over SummerSlam weekend.

Last night on Monday Night Raw, the teething issues from the ThunderDome were no longer the issue since many fans took it upon themselves to present offensive images on their screens.

Fans spotted images of a KKK gathering, former WWE star Chris Benoit, an apparent recording of execution and even one screen calling for Velveteen Dream to be fired, which has led to fury backstage since the company is now looking to identify these fans so that they will be banned from future events.

WWE has apologized publicly for any offensive material that was part of last night’s show, but Tom Colohue of Sportskeeda is now reporting that members of the production team are under immense pressure since every screen in the ThunderDome has to be monitored.

“These particular uses by the fans has apparently led to fury backstage with multiple sources stating that the production team and public relations teams have been under immense pressure to ensure that every single screen is constantly being monitored.”

Colohue went on to reveal that WWE is not looking to identify a shortlist of fans who can be part of every show in the future and are not seen as problematic.

This is reportedly going to be a lengthy process since there were much fewer applicants than the company initially expected and there was a lower than average turnout as WWE looked to present their newest attraction for the first time this past weekend.

“WWE are preparing a¬†shortlist of preferred fans who fit the aforementioned criteria who are likely to be on every show that they are able to attend in the future.”