WWE Originally Didn’t Want Becky Lynch To Cut Promos Because Of Her Accent

Becky Lynch accent
Image via WrestlingRumors.com

Becky Lynch is the current SmackDown Women’s Champion and over the past few weeks ever since her win over Charlotte back at Hell in a Cell, Lynch has cut a number of promos on SmackDown Live, where she has been able to push forward her new heel character.

Lynch has shown real improvement on the mic, but when she first arrived on the main roster, it appears that there were a number of factors holding her back and one of them was Vince McMahon.

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According to a report by Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer, McMahon believed that Lynch shouldn’t be cutting promos because of her strong Irish accent, The Chairman of WWE thought that the WWE Universe wouldn’t understand what Lynch was saying and this would then ruin any legitimacy she had within a feud with any other female on the roster.

Of course, this isn’t the only time McMahon has been wrong about a talent since Lynch has risen to the occasion when it comes to being Women’s Champion and the WWE Universe has never had a problem understanding the Lass Kicker.

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Drew McIntyre revealed that he was forced to undergo elocution lessons before his first run in WWE because he had a strong Scottish accent and the company wanted this to be toned down.

McIntyre is now a huge star on Raw and one that McMahon is reported to be hot on so it appears that there is a way for stars to thin out their accents and Lynch’s could become much less noticeable in the coming months.

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There are stars from all over the world in WWE right now and their accents make them stand out, Lynch has recently been able to use hers to her advantage which is exactly what WWE should have allowed her to do from the beginning.