WWE Originally Had Some Huge Plans for Raw

WWE Raw was revolutionary at the time when it made its debut on TV as a weekly TV show. Back in January 1993, Raw became the biggest show for the company and according to Bruce Prichard, WWE actually planned to buy their own building in order to present the show live every week.

Prichard recently spoke to Sam Roberts on the Not Sam Podcast, where he was able to reveal the original plans for what has now become the longest-running episodic TV show in Network history.

“The original concept behind doing Raw was to do a live weekly show to build a small studio arena in Stamford and the concept was to save money by doing that. To tour and then come back to Stamford on Monday and have that studio that we owned. A little arena that we owned, that we could control and ‘this is going to save money, this is going to be revolutionary that we’re not going to go rent a building.”

“Flip that to several weeks later and we’re in the Manhattan Center, one of the most expensive pieces of property in the country, and we are just like, ‘holy cow this became a big production.”

In the beginning, the company was looking to save money, before they then rented out the expensive Manhattan Center for their pilot episode.