WWE Originally Planned a Double Turn at Crown Jewel, Seth Rollins Set To Address His Future on Raw

Image via WWE

WWE Crown Jewel was a fantastic pay-per-view despite the issues that followed and have since dominated the headlines. The fourth trip to Saudi Arabia was highlighted by a fantastic match between Seth Rollins and The Fiend Bray Wyatt, with the latter coming out on top and finally lifting the Universal Championship.

This was a rematch from their Hell in a Cell main event, a match that was panned by critics after The Fiend failed to defeat Rollins because the referee deemed that medically he was unable to continue.

Following his win at Crown Jewel, many fans have questioned whether the original plan for Hell in a Cell was different. According to a report by Fightful Select, the Hell in a Cell match was always set to end the way it did so that the two stars could then have a blow-off match in the Middle East.

The report also went on to state that there was also a double turn planned for Rollins and Wyatt, with Rollins going heel and Wyatt officially turning face.

“We’re told that a follow-up match for Saudi Arabia was always planned for Seth Rollins and The Fiend, but originally Saudi Arabia was supposed to be their last one, with a double turn planned,” via Ringsidenews.

Seth Rollins interestingly lost his Championship to Wyatt, who has now ended the feud by taking the title over to SmackDown. This has left Rollins in quite a predicament since there is nothing for him to move onto on Raw, which could be why he intends to address his future in New York.

With Survivor Series right around the corner and an NXT invasion of Monday Night Raw imminent, what does the future hold for Seth Rollins following his impressive Universal Championship reign? It appears that tonight will hold all of the answers.