WWE Performance Center Training 90 Talents From All Over The Globe

wwe performance center
Image via WWE.com

WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Development, Canyon Ceman, recently spoke to RauteMusik about how the WWE is looking to expand by looking for talent from around the world.

“In Orlando at the WWE Performance Center we have 90 talent today,” Ceman said. “That will soon rise to something upwards of 100 in the next couple months. Those talent represent 15 or 20 different countries, there’s something like 43 percent international diversity.”

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Ceman made those comments last weekend as the WWE was holding tryouts in Germany.

He also discussed how the WWE tryout process went about deciding on who of the many talents that try out will get a shot.

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“We will choose our favorites, something like ten percent of them, between three and seven [people],” Ceman said. “They will have the opportunity to either join the WWE Performance Center, or to join our NXT UK brand, or a long-term watch list for NXT Europe or other evolving brands.”

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He also added that they are always on the lookout for possible entries into tournaments like the Mae Young Classic and Cruiserweight tournaments.

“We’re always creating new products and what we need to fill those new products are elite sports entertainers,” said Ceman.

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He was also asked if there was a chance that there would be more brands, like NXT UK, that would focus on talent from a specific locality.

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“I’m not going to answer that because, frankly, I think it’s premature,” Ceman responded. “I think the idea is we’re globalizing, NXT UK is the first effort at global localization, and we’re going to continue. Could it be there’s another country first in that global localization, is it India? Is it Saudi Arabia? Is it Germany? Who knows, we’ll see, that will be a decision made way above my head.”

Check out the entire interview in the video below: