WWE Possibly Not Dropping Brand Split To Unify RAW And SmackDown In New Era

WWE is evolving more than it has in the last decade. New matches, new faces, new pay-per-view events – the biggest professional wrestling promotion in the world continues to grow and entertain fans worldwide.

WWE reintroduced the brand split back in 2016 and since then, the company has stayed true to the plan – Monday Night RAW and SmackDown Live have separate rosters, separate championships/titles and separate storylines.

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Despite WWE having the opportunity to drop the split and unify both brands in the New Era, it appears The McMahon Family isn’t interested to looking into the idea anytime soon.

Dave Meltzer discussed the matter on Wrestling Observer Radio and revealed that although WWE has the choice to merge both brands at this point, the company won’t do so no matter how good it might sound to have fewer championships/titles lying around.

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“They won’t do it. It kinda screws up your house show touring. They could do anything they want, it doesn’t really matter. There’s no reason now to. I don’t think you need the US and Intercontinental Champions on both shows. If you have one Champion, one Women’s Champion, but I can’t see them doing either of those.”

“One women’s tag team title, but then of all the titles to be on both shows, the Tag Team Title? That’s kinda… whatever, but I really don’t see that happening.”

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For what it’s worth, FOX is heavily looking to load SmackDown Live with top Superstars and is reportedly investing a bank on the product.

FOX also wants Ronda Rousey on the blue brand in an effort to turn SmackDown Live into more sports and less comedy starting in October, 2019.

The broadcasting network doesn’t want to cross-promote RAW Superstars who also appear on the NBC/Universal-owned USA Network (their biggest competitor), thus making the notion of merging both brands seem impossible.