WWE Possibly Planning A Huge Upset At Survivor Series?

Becky Lynch has been the best female wrestler in WWE since SummerSlam, her heel turn has reignited her character and has seen her pull out some of the best matches of her career. This weekend she goes one-on-one with the undefeated Ronda Rousey in a match that surprisingly The Lass Kicker could actually win.

According to CageSideSeats, are a number of theories being kicked around right now that see Tamina and Nia Jax possibly costing Rousey the match since Jax will go on to challenge for the Raw Women’s Championship at TLC.

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There’s also the slight chance that Charlotte Flair could come to the aid of her former friend and this could then set the Four Horsewomen feud into motion.

Last night on Raw, Lynch got the better of Rousey and it’s been made clear that her arm is injured, which means that WWE could go with the storyline that Lynch only won because Rousey was wounded, which would end her undefeated streak but it wouldn’t damage her character all that much.

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Ever since this match was announced the WWE Universe expected Rousey to come out on top, but now it appears that there could be much bigger plans for Lynch down the line and with The Lasskicker stating recently that she wants to main event WrestleMania 35, this could be a perfect way to start a feud with Rousey that would reach its climax in April.

This is the biggest match at Survivor Series this year and the WWE Universe is fully behind Becky Lynch, so it will be interesting to see how WWE put this match together in order to protect both women and more importantly, set it up to ensure that there is a rematch.