WWE Possibly Setting Up CM Punk Vs. Shane McMahon?

SmackDown Live Commissioner Shane McMahon cemented himself as the “Best in the World” at Crown Jewel after defeating Dolph Ziggler in the finals of the inaugural 8-Man WWE World Cup at Crown Jewel and claiming the trophy.

Longest reigning WWE Champion of The Modern Era, CM Punk, who originally billed himself as the “Best in the World”, quit WWE after Royal Rumble 2014. Since then to this very day, professional wrestling fans all across the globe want Punk to make his WWE return and once again change the entire landscape.

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Prior to Crown Jewel, Shane McMahon cut a promo on SmackDown Live where he¬†gratuitously used the “Best in the World” phrase and even trolled the former WWE Champion while responding to the crowd’s “CM Punk” chants.

Although much of this seems like a plain script, there are a few seeds that WWE may have planted on its way to Crown Jewel. For, everything WWE enacts in front of the cameras has a purpose.

Punk is the real “Best in the World” as accepted by fans worldwide. Shane’s title is just a moniker of Punk’s, thus leaving the door open for a future feud featuring the two stars.

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Moreover, with Roman Reigns, Triple H, Kevin Owens, and Sami Zayn all sidelined, WrestleMania 35 is running low on star power. Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair is the most favorite to headline next year’s WrestleMania but that won’t be enough for WWE to carry its biggest global pay-per-view event.

Punk has a bitter relationship with WWE ever since quitting and owing to the lawsuit against Dr. Chris Amann. The Second City Saint had already closed the door on wrestling several months ago and a WWE return seems very unlikely. But never say never in pro-wrestling.

WrestleMania gets bigger every year and WWE needs to bring in top stars with huge drawing power come April 2019. Although WWE needs The Rock on the card, The Great One may not necessarily step back inside the ring although he teased a WWE return in July. Furthermore, Punk has a very light schedule now.

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Although these are just speculations, WWE is clearly going to establish McMahon as a bonafide villain by this year’s Survivor Series. And if the Boss’ son still continues to call himself the “Best in the World” post-December, it may be clobbering time for good.