WWE Possibly Teasing New Ring Gear For Dean Ambrose

dean ambrose
Image via WWE.com

WWE could be possibly teasing new ring gear for “The Lunatic Fringe” Dean Ambrose.

After staying out of action for 9 months, Ambrose made his much anticipated return on Monday Night RAW this week to a roaring crowd. He joined forces with Shield brother, “The Kingslayer” Seth Rollins and laid waste to Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

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Rollins will go 1-on-1 with Ziggler for the WWE Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam. The Lunatic will be in The Kingslayer’s corner while The Show Off will have The Sicilian Psychopath behind him.

WWE recently posted a photo on Instagram welcoming Ambrose back to the company and also teasing his new look. Many fans are of the opinion that Dean now looks like “weekend dad”, and “uncle backyard” and the like.

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Some went as far as claiming that The Lunatic looks like a major social distortion fan while some opined that he resembles the guy in the neighborhood who flaunts shirtless workout sessions.

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It’s no secret that Ambrose now looks bigger, meaner and in the best shape of his life. He also wore a new “Return To DA Society” shirt on his return.

However, two questions that are currently driving fans crazy are:

When will Ambrose return to in-ring action? And will The Lunatic be wearing a shirt when he wrestles?

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It’s hard to say anything at the moment given that Ambrose will be at ringside at SummerSlam. Fans are expecting to see some ringside action between Ambrose and McIntyre at ringside, Ziggler joining the scene and Rollins jumping over the ropes on top of them to take everyone out.

Ambrose might wrestle shirtless given he is all jacked-up. Remember, Rollins turned heel and began wrestling shirtless. The Lunatic Fringe is expected to make a heel turn at SummerSlam by costing his Shield brother the Intercontinental Championship match. Thus the very possibility of Ambrose going shirtless during matches and donning an entirely new persona runs strong.