WWE Possibly Working on a Storyline Between Adam Pearce and Billie Kay

It seems like WWE is heading towards a storyline between Adam Pearce and Billie Kay. On Raw, the former SmackDown Tag Team Champion submitted her resume to take over commentary on Monday Nights. 

Now, the authority figure Adam Pearce has posted a picture of Billie Kay’s resume, with a caption that he’s looking for an “assistant”.

Corey Graves replied to Pearce and said that he’s interested in the job, but everybody knows that Graves plays a critical role in commentary and WWE won’t make him an authority figure.

However, Billie has also taken an interest in becoming Pearce’s “assistant” in WWE. Pearce, who plays an authority figure role on Raw and SmackDown, is going to appear on Friday Night. Kay will also be there and there’s a huge possibility that she is going to get hired for the position. 

As of now, there are no reports on how WWE plans to use Billie Kay as the assistant of Adam Pearce.