WWE Producer Adam Pearce Reveals That He Would Like to Punch Randy Orton

As part of this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, Producer Adam Pearce was given the job of informing Randy Orton that he would have a rematch against Drew McIntyre next week.

Of course, the WWE Championship would be on the line after Orton was able to make his way out of Hell in a Cell just a few short weeks ago with his 14th World Championship.

The Viper reacted in the way as expected and held Pearce up by the throat which was something that came into the conversation between Corey Graves and Adam Pearce on WWE’s After The Bell.

Corey Graves asked who Pearce would like to face on the current roster if he was given the chance to step back in the ring and Pearce went on to name Randy Orton, even though he noted that it would probably be a squash match.

“The heel in me likes the way you think. You know what, man, I want Randy Orton to run his mouth just a little bit too much to WWE official Adam Pearce so he can eat the same right hand that your nose (Graves) did way back when. I don’t know, WWE official, maybe the same WWE official Adam Pearce has to make a match or maybe the chairman (Vince McMahon) says ‘no, you put your foot in your mouth and now you’ve got to have a match against The Viper’ and he RKOs me in 30 seconds.”