WWE Promoting “Street Fighter” Match Between Kenny Omega And Xavier Woods

Pro-wrestling has evolved much in the last couple of years than it has in a decade. With top independent promotions giving WWE a run for its money, it looks like WWE is acknowledging wrestlers from the independent circuit to stay sharp in the business.

Tyson Smith, better known by his ring name Kenny Omega, is the hottest independent wrestler of this generation and has been a household name among pro-wrestling fans. Omega who has been dominating the ring ever since his rise to the top of the ladder, now looks to dominate outside the ring too. After defeating WWE legend Chris Jericho in a 5-star match at Wrestle Kingdom 12, Omega recently posted a video on Twitter where he shows off his skills in the Street Fighter video game.

The New Day’s Xavier Woods took notice of the tweet and replied:

Capcom took notice and after talking to both men, it was decided that Omega and Woods would be settling their differences at this year’s E3.

Each man will get to choose 3 partners. It is speculated that Woods might choose his New Day partners, Big E and Kofi, although the possibility of choosing other fellow WWE Superstars remain. It would be interesting to see who Omega will choose as his partners and whether WWE would cover their epic showdown.

WWE recently featured a story on its homepage which is a reference to the E3 showdown between Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega. Both the wrestlers are Street Fighter enthusiasts and there was a playful back-and-forth between them on Twitter on Tuesday.