WWE Punished Rusev and Lana for “Leaking Pictures” of Their Engagement

AEW superstar Miro is enjoying his current run in the company as a high profile wrestler. He was one of the 30 other WWE superstars who lost their jobs this April.

His wife Lana is still working for WWE. Even though she has been slammed through the announcer table eight times as of this week, a rumor suggests WWE is building her for a future babyface run.

In 2014, Miro (then working as Rusev) and Lana were in a storyline angle where the current AEW superstar was supposed to marry Summer Rae in WWE. The company was forced to ax those plans when TMZ leaked Lana and Miro’s real-life engagement pictures.

As Miro puts it, Lana “sent that picture to the office and to some of the girls” and someone leaked it and they were blamed by the WWE.

The company canceled their ongoing storyline and later punished the duo, with Miro turning into a jobber for some time in WWE. He was also supposed to become the Intercontinental Champion, but those plans were canceled as well.

At WrestleMania next year, Miro got the opportunity to face John Cena but this wouldn’t have happened if Daniel Bryan wasn’t injured.