WWE Pushing Unhappy Superstars To Combat AEW Interest, AJ Styles And Seth Rollins Comment On Recent Injury Reports


WWE Looking To Push Unhappy Superstars On Their Roster

All Elite Wrestling hasn’t properly become a promotion that can compete with WWE just yet but already it seems to be sending shockwaves through the wrestling business.

AEW is known to have deep pockets, something that has been suggested by Chris Jericho‘s recent signing and this could be the reason why WWE has decided to double up on their efforts to re-sign many stars to longer contracts.

According to The Wrestling Observer, WWE is now pushing superstars who are said to be unhappy in the company in an effort to keep them contracted.

WWE promised The Revival that the Tag Team Division would improve after the stars handed in a release request, and it’s thought that The Usos will be given the same treatment in the hopes that the twins will re-sign before their contracts come to an end in April.

AJ Styles And Seth Rollins Voice Their Opinions On Their Recent Injury Reports

AJ Styles recently took to Twitter to deny recent reports that he was struggling with a hernia, but the former World Champion has since gone a step further by seemingly calling out reporters in his recent update.

Styles shared the following Tweet where he stated that he believes news is no longer about facts but was actually about who can get the news out the quickest.

Seth Rollins later backed up Styles’ theory, since The Architect is said to be struggling with an injury of his own at present but this is based on dirt sheet reports. WWE hasn’t confirmed anything regarding the 2019 Royal Rumble winner just yet.

Interestingly, Randy Orton then appeared to add some sarcasm to the exchange by asking Styles how his hernia was, an injury that he had already denied having.