WWE Quietly Releases Three NXT Superstars

Tian Bing
Image via SouthChinaMorningpost.com

WWE has a conveyor belt style system which means that for every star that they bring into the company, more often than not others have to be released.

Whilst the company hasn’t made many releases from the main roster over the past few years, there are always stars being released from NXT when it’s decided that WWE can’t take them any further in their wrestling career.

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According to The Wrestling Observer, the company recently released three talents from NXT which included Gabriel Ealy, of The Ealy Brothers, who were once seen as hot prospects in the Tag Team Division, Tian Bing, Jason Cheng.

Bing was featured on a recent episode of NXT when he teamed with Rocky in a losing effort to Oney Lorcan and Danny Birch, Bing was also part of the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal last year since he was seen as a future star in developmental.

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Jason Cheng has been featured on a number of NXT live events over the past year but was never able to find his footing in the division.

Gabriel’s twin brother Uriel was released from his WWE contract earlier this year, which is why the twins have not been spotted on recent NXT shows. WWE perhaps originally had plans to see how Gabriel worked as a singles star, but this hasn’t worked out.

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WWE has made a number of signings over the past week which coincides with these releases, one of the biggest names includes former TNA Knockout and the girlfriend of Zack Ryder, Chelsea Green.

Green has appeared on WWE TV before and was part of Tough Enough back in 2015 but wasn’t chosen as a finalist. She has since proven her ability in Impact Wrestling and WWE have finally signed the talented star to a contract.